Choosing my next project…

Hi everyone! 

Before I start, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken a minute to stop by and check out my blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! 

So today I finished another square, this one was a bit of a pain, mainly because I didn’t read the pattern properly!! But I finally got there in the end! 

And here it isVelvet & Lace Square pattern by Priscilla Hewitt 

So last night I got to thinking of how to choose my next project. I thought I’ve got a pile of Crochet magazines that I buy, flick through, then put away and never really look at again. So I came up with an idea. I was going to choose a random magazine, open it to a random page and that was going to be what I Crochet next! 

After finishing this last square, I grabbed the small pile of magazines and looking away, I shuffled them, kind of like a deck of huge cards lol! I then turned them so I could only feel the side with the pages and not the spine, and I chose a magazine, then, still looking away, I opened to a random page and was so surprised at what I opened the page to!! 

I really thought that I was going to open it up to an ad or a knitting project, I don’t know how to knit, so it was going to be a real learning curve! But what I did open the magazine to made me a little emotional. I remember my sister Vicky had mentioned this story to me a while ago, I remember reading it in this magazine afterwards and thinking how awfully sad but inspirational at the same time. 

I’ll be honest, if it had been any other page, I wouldn’t be writing this right now, but I just had to share, I wish I had of captured the process of choosing, just so you could all share in my surprise! Ok so what page was it? 

Last dance on the beach, the incredibly sad story about Marinke Slump, a very talented woman who sadly suffered depression and even more sadly, ended up losing the battle with it. But the beautifully uplifting and inspiring story of how her dear friends helped finish her last project. I was blown away when I saw the page I’d randomly chosen! 

So I’ve printed out the patterns for this beautiful CAL and chosen my yarns, unfortunately I don’t have the right colours, but I had my daughters check my choices and see if any changes should be made. 

And I’ve neatly stored the yarn and pattern in a ziplock bag together. I hope I can do the pattern justice with the colours I’ve chosen. 

Here’s to this next adventure!

Thanks for reading! 

Cathy x


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