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Good Morning!

It’s almost 8am on a Friday morning here, the kids are up early, and hopefully ready to help me with some housework today! I can dream right lol! So yesterday hubby and I took the kids out for a fun afternoon…… to the dentist haha! It was time for our annual check up and clean! It was such a long afternoon, almost 4 hours! But there are 6 of us, so it was to be expected! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with how well behaved they were, and I was even complimented on their behaviour, which is always nice!

Moving on… I wanted to write a little follow-up to my last post about editing photos. Thank you to everyone who read it, I hope it was useful for you!

I wanted to talk a little more about using your smart phone to take and edit the photos, I know not everyone has a fancy camera, if I hadn’t been so into photography my whole life, I don’t think I’d own a fancy camera either! When it comes to taking photos of your work, that’s what you are showcasing and that is what you want people to be looking at when they look at your photo, so whether you are using a phone camera or a fancy camera, as long as you are capturing the details you want people to see, it really doesn’t matter which device you use.

In my last post I explained how I use a little white table to place my items on to take my photos, I do this because I like a nice, clean white background, but you can use anything as your background, a nice timber surface, beautiful lush green grass, a painted surface, anything you like, that catches your eye and that you think will compliment your image. Before getting my table, I used huge pieces of white paper as my background. You’re only limited by your imagination! 

I mentioned in my last post I like to use my 50mm lens to take my photos, I like this lens because of the beautiful blurred effect it gives my photos, I can choose my focal point and have the background blurred, and to what extent, it creates a blurred vignette, or an almost tilt shift effect. You can also get this effect using a smart phone to take your photos!

Here are some examples of the blurred background using the 50mm lens

Using my 50mm lens, I am able to choose my focal point and depending on my aperture setting, I can choose how much of the background I want in focus or blurred

See how in each image, part of my picture is in focus, the rest is blurred? That is because I have set my aperture (the opening of my lens) to be either open wider or less open. It just depends on what I am trying to showcase in my photo. In this next photo, my aperture was set to a higher number and therefore I was able to get more of the photo in focus and show more detail.

Higher aperture setting means I can get more of my image in focus and less of the background blurred

So how can you achieve this with a smart phone? If you know your way around Instagram and it’s editing tools, then you will already know about this, but for those of you that don’t, it’s really easy! There is an option in the edit menu called Tilt Shift, using this option, you can adjust your image to have part of your shot in focus and the rest blurred, you can choose a radial vignette or linear lines

Using Tilt Shift in the edit menu can give you a blurred vignette

Using the radial option, you can choose a small or large section of your image and have that as your focal point and the rest of your image is blurred, you can adjust the size of your circle using 2 fingers to pinch and zoom

Or you can choose the linear option and have a strip of your image in focus and the rest blurred. Depending on your photo, you can create a toy like effect. Try it on some of your photos that have people or objects like cars or buildings in them and you’ll see what I mean.

The linear option creates a strip of image that is in focus while the rest of the image is blurred, you can adjust the width of the strip and also the orientation by moving the lines around

Below is an example of what I mean by a toy like effect, I took this photo about 4 years ago, on a little adventure with my kids. I took this photo with my smart phone, and edited using another app called Snapseed. I’ve opened the image in Instagram to illustrate how tilt shift alters your image.

Using the tilt shift editing option gives your photos a toy like effect

Anyway, I think I’ve crossed over into a photography lesson lol! The only thing that really matters when taking photos and posting them on social media is that YOU are happy with your photo. Everyone has different tastes, and what one person thinks is an amazing photo, another may disagree, there are no right or wrongs here, I like to edit my photos, and so I do, I like to use my camera to take my photos, and so I do, but what works for me, may not be right for you. It took me a while to learn that when I post my photos, I post them for me, it’s my vision and my page and I can only hope that other people like what I’ve shared with them. If they don’t, that’s ok too, I’m not trying to please anybody, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I just want to share my work. Don’t get caught up in trying to have the perfect photo because there is no such thing! If your photo shows your vision of what you are trying to convey, then you’ve got your perfect shot! 

If you’d like to know more about which apps I use to edit my photos or have any other questions, please leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Thanks for reading! In my next blog post, I’m going to share the squares I’ve made in the 365 days of Granny Squares, and details of where you can find the patterns. I just received my next delivery from The Art of Crochet subscription too, so once I finish the rug I am making, I will make the next 4 squares and then hopefully pick up the Granny square a day project from where I left off!

Wishing you all a crafty day!

Cathy x


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