From learning stitches to yarn addiction!

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day! We spent most of the day in our local pool, it’s so very hot here in Sydney at the moment!

So if you read my last blog post I told you all a little bit more about how I started crocheting, and I left off with how I became a little addicted to yarn!

Before I learnt to crochet, I had no idea that yarn came in all kinds of sizes and colours and that yarn was not in fact just Wool, but different materials as well! Even though I was getting the yarn supplied with each subscription of the magazine, I still didn’t know it wasn’t wool! I soon found out it was 4 ply acrylic, but what did that even mean?!?! I was completely clueless! So when I was out shopping one day, I was in a local dollar store and I came across a stand that had rows and rows of different coloured yarns! I felt like a kid in a candy store! I bought about 10 skeins and so my addiction to yarn began! Every chance I got, I’d go out to the local dollar stores and buy up their yarns, thankfully they were super cheap as I ended up with over 100 skeins of all different single colours as well as variegated yarns! Of course I still had no idea what to actually make with them! But I thought as I was still only learning the craft, using these yarns would be perfect for practising with. I was only a beginner and didn’t think I was ready to use the “Good” yarn yet! 

My yarn stash as it is today, with more than just cheap acrylics from the dollar stores! It’s my favourite cupboard in the house! 
The containers I store my projects in, they are actually plastic shoe boxes that came in a set of 4 that I thought would be perfect!

I finally decided on a poncho pattern as my first project. Now apart from the squares each issue, I had never read a pattern before so when I saw this poncho pattern, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It was just a basic pattern, but it was repetitive which I soon realised, bored the life out of me! It ended up taking me 2 weeks to finish that poncho!

My first crocheted poncho. It took me 2 weeks to finish as I ended up getting bored with the repetitiveness of the pattern!

Next I decided to try a smaller project, a scarf for my eldest daughter, which once again, I failed to realise just what I was getting myself into! This one started off with with 295 chains! I ended up only making half of the rows that the pattern required as I just couldn’t finish it!

A scarf I half finished for my eldest daughter, It started off with 295 chains!

After that I thought a scarf for my son would be quick and easy, I found a pattern online, and used a skein of camouflage acrylic yarn, I did end up finishing it, but realised that I didn’t follow the pattern properly, so even though I steam blocked it, it still curled up at the edges!

A scarf I made for my son

After that I decided that I only wanted to make items that were quick, that had lots of stitch and colour changes in the patterns and that were not at all repetitive! After searching online I came across a blog with a Granny a Day project, 365 granny squares, 1 square for every day of the year. It was exactly what I was looking for! And so my education into crochet really began! In my next blog post I’ll tell you all about it!

Take care

Cathy x


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      Thank you! I wasn’t feeling it though, even after proofreading it a bunch of times, I still don’t feel happy with it, I feel like it didn’t flow properly? You know when you feel like something is off?

      1. vickyshandcrafteddesigns

        I think it was good. It was honest and told the story right from the start and after I finished reading it I knew you would continue with it and was waiting for the next chapter. The key is to be yourself and write about what you know. I think you did an amazing job!

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