Handy Holders and a Starting Treble Stitch

Hi lovely crafters!

How are you all doing on this fine Wednesday? I have finished most of the mundane daily household stuff and thought I’d sit down and write up this blog post and let you all know what I’ve been working on. I’m also going to attempt to teach you a starting treble crochet (UK terms) or a double treble (US terms) in pictures and words. I did try to film a quick tutorial using my iPhone, but my nails just weren’t suitable for viewing lol! I’ve got to get myself a little tripod, I’m pretty sure I have one around here somewhere, I’ll have to go searching though!

So my next project was going to be the “Last Dance” blanket, I had printed out the pattern and chosen colours from my yarn stash as I showed you in a previous post, I’ve decided that I am going to wait until I can buy the colours to match the “Last Dance in the Rain” blanket, I don’t feel right using other colours that don’t match the pattern.

So instead, I used my method of randomly choosing a pattern from my crochet magazine stack. This time around, I wasn’t as lucky as the last time, I opened up to various ad’s and an article and finally a lovely scarf, but it looked very fiddly and then required lots of joining and I knew I would never had the patience to finish it, so I gave it one last go and finally opened to these great “Handy Holders”!

My current #wip

This is from Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine, issue 82, page 50. I’ve chosen this variegated yarn from my stash. I bought it at Spotlight, it’s Mode Vera Mornington 8ply 100% mercerised cotton. The colour number is 80367057 and lot number 7730. I’ve decided to make the blue bag, which uses a cross type treble (UK) stitch for the body. When starting the body part of the project, I had to work out a way of making the first treble (UK) match the rest of the round, it took my quite a few attempts, the pattern asks you to chain 3, miss the next stitch and then continue on the with the round, when you get to the last stitch, you are asked to finish with a treble (UK) and join with a slip stitch into the 3rd of the 3 chain starting stitch, but I didn’t really like this as it didn’t blend into the round nicely. Instead I made a starting treble (UK) and then one treble in the stitch to the right of that, then the last cross treble (UK) looked exactly like the first one. Have I confused you yet? Ok, let me attempt to show you in pictures….

the first round of the cross treble stitch (UK)


I started with a STARTING treble, not to be confused with a standing treble. Firstly I made a slip stitch into each of the next 2 stitches

After making a slip stitch into each of the next 2 stitches, this is where I will start my starting treble

I remove my hook from the stitch, turn it so the hook is facing the opposite direction and slip it back into the loop, as shown in the image below

remove hook from stitch, turn it so the hook part is pointing in the opposite direction and slip it back into the loop

Now this is where you’d need a video, but I will try to explain anyway, so with the hook now facing in the opposite direction, you have to turn it anti clockwise so it once again facing in the direction you are going to crochet in, these instructions are for right-handed crocheters I should probably add, I’m not sure about you left-handed people, I could say to do the opposite of what I’m explaining here, but unfortunately I can’t be sure if that would be correct. Once you turned the hook, you will see there is a twist in the loop, this resembles the first part of the treble stitch if you were to complete it normally.

turn your hook anti clockwise so it is once again facing the direction you are crocheting in, you will see a twist in the loop

Now stay with me for this next part, I will do my best to explain it. With your hook facing the direction of your work, you have to once again twist it anti clockwise, bringing it all the way around and then yarn over your hook with your working yarn

Here I’ve twisted the hook anti clockwise all the way around and brought it back around to yarn over the hook with the working yarn, bring it back under the loop on your hook

Once you yarn over your hook, you bring it back and under the loop already on your hook, just like you are completing a treble normally.

yarn over hook, bring it back and under the loop on your hook, just like you would a regular treble stitch, and then you are left with 2 loops on your hook

then you complete the stitch as normal, yarn over hook and then back through both loops on the hook

complete stitch as normal, yarn over hook and back through both loops on hook

then I make the next treble into the stitch before this starting stitch, to the right

make the next treble into the stitch before this starting treble. Here are the first two cross treble stitches of the round

they look pretty much the same right? At the end of the round, I slip stitch into the 2nd treble and then another slip stitch into the next treble and start again with the next round. Going up the rows, you can’t tell the where the round start or ends, it all blends beautifully. My apologies if I’ve completely confused you, if you google STARTING CROCHET STITCHES, I’m sure there will be lots of tutorial videos for you to follow along. It’s definitely worth having a look!

A few more rows to go before I am finished this bag

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I haven’t confused you too much! Leave a comment and let me know if I could have added anything or any feedback!

Cathy x



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      Thank you very much ☺ my 10 year old daughter said it’s all the colours of the rainbow, she thought that I was using each individual colour and that I’d gotten the order wrong lol! It’s such a pretty yarn and so lovely to work with πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–

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