I really need to start reading patterns properly!

Hey all, how are you?

So I thought I’d share with you all my adventures this afternoon… I started this square today, my daughters had chosen the colours and I thought it looked really interesting…. 

So all was going well, I was getting a little distracted as the house was so very quiet after all of my kids started back at school today, so I got this far before putting it down and folding some towels…

I ended up finishing to row 9. Then picked it up when I had about half an hour to spare before picking up the kids from school.

Finished up to row 9

Once I’d joined the new colour and started the first stitches on row 9, I realised it wasn’t matching up to row 8, I read back over row 8, and followed it along with what I had done about 3 times, and I couldn’t see any errors, but still row 9 didn’t fit! Of course I proceeded to blame the pattern! It took me a while, but I finally realised my error, I’d stitched row 8 was completely wrong! The part written in brackets was supposed to be stitched 7 times, instead, I completely ignored the x 7 times, and just repeated the whole thing over 7 times! So now I have to frog row 8 and redo it! 

Then to add to my adventures, my daughters school bus left without them! After trying to call the bus company for over half an hour, I finally got through while driving to pick them up, and passing their school bus on the way! Very annoyed as we are at least 20 mins away from the station and there is only one bus that comes to our area! Then almost having a car accident when a car turned right in front of me! 

My 8-year-old son gave us a giggle this afternoon though, he was telling us about a boy at his school that can speak 2 languages. He said it either starts with an “o” or a “p”, so we all rattled off languages like Portuguese, Polish, then we thought maybe he got his letters wrong and suggested Spanish, Italian, and many others, he thought long and hard and eventually said “Maltese! he can speak Maltese!” Well that’s close to “o” or “p” lol!


Anyway, I digress, I was thinking about the way patterns are written and how some patterns are written so badly that you have to kind of guess what goes where. It can be so frustrating! Some you can get away with, but some need too be stitch perfect and there is no room for error. The worst part is the fact that patterns can be written in either UK or US terms or sometimes both, which has caused me to mess up a rug I made recently!

I made a mistake on 2 rounds of this rug!

I mixed up the UK and US terms on 2 rounds of this rug, and it did affect the finished piece, but not to drastically which was lucky!

I’d love to hear your stories of when you’ve mixed up a pattern, I think it’s happened to all of us at some stage or another!

Thanks so much for reading!

Cathy x



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