It’s been a while! Hello there!

Hi Guys!

It’s been a few weeks since I last put up a blog post, I’ve missed you all!

So what have you all been doing? I have been busy with life, sorting out the every day dramas, and fitting in some crochet time. This morning I’ve got Ed Sheeran’s new album playing, up loud and proud lol. It’s sooooo goood!!!! Also, I’m sitting at new desk! It was my birthday over the weekend and my sister bought me a new desk so I could set up my sewing machine as well as my laptop and monitor. 

My new desk! Thankyou to my sister Maria for the gift!

Please excuse the cords, how do you hide them? Might have to tape them to the back of the desk and run them down the leg maybe. That’s a job for another day though! My daughter has been telling me she wants to learn to sew and how to use the sewing machine, so I set it all up for her. The first thing she wanted to learn was how to thread a needle and sew by hand, then after watching a YouTube tutorial, she was ready for the sewing machine. She traced her name on some fabric I had and off she went! She’s a very fast learner!

My daughter using the sewing machine for the very first time!

Last month it was my older sisters birthday, and I decided to make her a beautiful shawl using Bella Baby Tizz 8ply Yarn from The finish with this yarn is so pretty! It’s really sparkly! But working with it can be tricky, it can split and make things difficult, but for the most part, it was great.

Lace and Fan Wrap using yarn from Spotlight stores. Pattern from The Art of Crochet magazine

This took me over a week to finish, I spent almost one full weekend working on it, trying to get it finished in time for my sister’s birthday, but I just couldn’t work fast enough! I’m pretty proud of the finished product though! This took just over 4 skeins of yarn to finish, I only had 4 in my stash so had to go buy more, thankfully the store had 1 skein with the same colour and lot number left! Although, I’m not sure how much difference it would have made in this yarn if the lot number was different.

I don’t know if you remember from my last blog post, but I had started on some handy holders. I finally finished one after making the wrap.

Handy Holder with yarn from Spotlight stores

I wasn’t sure what I could use it for, so I asked my kids if any of them wanted it, my youngest daughter put her hand up and is using it for her library books! What a clever idea! It’s only big enough for the novel sized books, so I told her I’d make her a bigger one for bigger books. Back I went to to buy some more skeins of this yarn, but instead of coming home with more of this yarn, I got distracted and came home with something completely different!

Yarn haul from Spotlight Stores

I’ll be using the gelato printed for the bigger bag, and the kitchen cotton for a washcloth pattern I found that I’m excited to try out!

As we are now in Autumn and the weather is getting cooler, I thought I’d make my kids some fingerless gloves, I bought yarn in their school colours as I was going to make them scarves too. My son chose blue and purple, I got a little ways through the pattern, but the blue yarn wasn’t right for the gloves, it had no give, so was far too tight!

New project, fingerless gloves, had to completely frog it back as yarn wasn’t suitable.

So going through my yarn stash, I found this beautiful yarn I bought from called Surroundings. It’s nice to work with, but I will say that if you choose to use this yarn, make sure you get your project right the first time, frogging your work is painful with this yarn, the fibers tend to snag, and it makes undoing your work very difficult. Unfortunately I had to frog the first glove I made as it was too small for my sons hands, I made slight adjustments to the stitch count and remade them, he loves them! 

Fingerless gloves using Surrounds Yarn from Lincraft stores


Fingerless gloves using Surrounds Yarn from Lincraft stores. Scissors from Typo and Clover hook from the Wool Inn.

Then the most exciting thing happened last week! I was asked if I would be interested in a “one ball challenge” using Caron Cakes yarn, now just so you understand the magnitude of this, here in Australia, we don’t have Caron Cakes, the closest I’ve come to seeing them is in pictures on social media! I have been busting to get my hands on this yarn from the minute I first saw it! Then I received an email from Spotlight Stores saying they will be selling them in their stores soon!! And not long after, they asked if I’d be interested in receiving a sample ball and making something, YES!!!!! YES!!!!! and YES!!!! So last week this beautiful ball of gorgeousness arrived!! It’s even bigger, softer and more amazing in real life than I had ever imagined! 

Caron Cakes! Coming to Spotlight stores late March 2017.

So for this magnificent yarn, I needed to find a pattern that was worthy lol, I spent ages on Ravelry, and found 3 patterns I liked, the plan was to choose one and make that. I printed the patterns out, and put it all in a box with the yarn. A few days ago one of my daughters was going through pinterest, trying to choose a crochet pattern of something I could make her. I walked into the room and saw the picture of the pattern on screen, unbelievably she had chosen one of the patterns that I had printed from Ravelry from the thousands of patterns on Pinterest! Well she made my decision for me! So today, after I get through the usual home duties, I plan to start on this pattern.

Lastly, I thought I’d share a picture of these amazing Clover crochet hooks and pom pom makers I bought as a present for my birthday!


Clover Hooks and Clover Pom Pom Makers I bought at The Wool Inn

These hooks are brilliant! I can’t rave enough about them! And the kids had an absolute ball making pom poms! 

Pom Poms made by my kids, my daughters friend and my sister

That’s just a few of the pom poms made!

Thanks so much for stopping to check out my blog posts. I wish you all a wonderfully productive week ahead!

Cathy x




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