My 2nd Post!

Hi there!

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so very much to everyone that took the time to come and visit my blog, and for the lovely comments and words of support! I’m very grateful to have found such a lovely, kind, caring and supportive bunch of people in the this crafting community!

So today I thought I’d go into a little more detail about my beginnings in the crochet world. In my last post I mentioned that I decided to learn crochet when I came across The Art Of Crochet Magazine at my local newsagent. I thought it would be fun to learn, so I subscribed. I received about 4 months worth of issues pretty quickly as they were catching me up to the latest issue. I sorted all of the pages into the folders they send as part of the subscription package, I bought containers to store the yarn they sent with each issue, I organised everything nice and neatly and then left it to sit there for weeks before I thought I should actually do something with it, considering I was paying the subscription fees!

My first step was to work out how to hold the hook and the yarn, this was not an easy task! But I finally worked it out! As it turned out, that was the easy part! Next I had to learn how to make a chain, well this is what almost ended my newest hobby! I got all twisted in the yarn and no amount of help from my mum and sister or tutorial videos could help me! I couldn’t believe I couldn’t manage to make a simple chain! I ended up putting it all away for another week or so and decided to try again.

The next time I tried, something just clicked! I don’t know how or why, maybe I had been thinking about it in the back of my mind, but for whatever reason, I somehow got it! I made a chain of 20, ripped it apart and redid it over and over, I wasn’t happy until each chain looked the same. Then I moved onto my first Double Crochet (DC) stitch (UK Terms) and once again, I’d stitch the first row, rip it out and do it again, over and over until each stitch was perfect. (I should mention I’m OCD!)

Once I figured out what i was doing, I very quickly made all of the first 19 squares, then waited very impatiently for the next issue to arrive, which I soon discovered wasn’t due for another month and even worse, I was only going to be receiving 4 issues every month! So what was I to do in between each issue? How was I going to feed my new addiction in between subscriptions? 

Well, this is where my addiction to yarn started… In my next blog I’ll tell you all about it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I’d love to hear any feedback, hints, tips, anything I can improve.

Much love to you all

Cathy x

The first 19 squares from The Art of Crochet subscription.


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