My Latest Squares and a little of my last week

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to all of my new readers! I hope you are all enjoying my blog posts! It’s been almost a week since my last post! I’ve given my page a little facelift, what do you all think? Or do you prefer my old setup? I really like the slider bar feature with this theme! I’ll quickly catch you up on my last week.

So it hasn’t been the greatest of weeks, my daughter’s school bus left them stranded twice, and trying to contact the bus company and sort it out and get them picked up was a nightmare! But thankfully that was sorted out. Then I received a letter saying it was time to switch over to the NBN (National Broadband Network) so last Thursday (2/2) whilst I was out, the technicians came and did whatever they did outside to change my network over. When I got home, none of my services were working, so I called my Telco, they had me install my new modem, and with everything connected properly, still no luck! So today someone is supposed to be coming out to fix the problem. I had been without a landline and wifi service since last week. Not fun when you have 2 teenagers and 2 pre teens all wanting to watch Netflix and YouTube and trying to keep my cellular data under control! Fingers Crossed it gets fixed today!

So with all of the drama I really haven’t been in a crochet kind of mood. I barely picked up a hook for a few days, or if I did, I’d do a few stitches and put it down and go and do something else. Then yesterday, once the kids were back at school and hubby was at work, I finished 2 squares! This first one I had started almost a week ago!

I started this square almost a week ago! The pattern is called ANEMONE and you can find it in Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks Book

I also finished this quick square, it was really fast and I really love the colours and the sequence my daughter’s chose for this one

FORGET ME NOT Pattern from The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert

I have 2 more squares to make today, my daughters had already chosen the yarn for these squares, so I’ll finish them and then hopefully make a start on the next project.

In one of my last posts I had mentioned discussing yarns and the different types you can get and suggested uses, if you’re like me, before I learnt crochet, to me, all yarn was wool! Who knew there were such a huge variety of different yarns, different plys, different materials, different sizes and not to mention a billion different colours! In my next post I will try to put it all together for you. 

Have a wonderful day!

Big Hugs to you all!

Love Cathy x

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