THE FERRIS WHEEL Crochet Mandala

Hi all!

Hope you are all well! This is my 3rd ever design! The Ferris Wheel crochet mandala! 

THE FERRIS WHEEL Crochet Mandala


Find PDF pattern in my Etsy Store, click the link below

DISCLAIMER: This pattern and all images are copyright to Cathy Haes Crochet, you may only use this pattern for your own personal use, and not for resale or mass production. Please do not copy, redistribute, sell, edit or alter any part of this pattern. Please be sure to credit me as the designer if you do reproduce and share your finished work on any form of social media, and redirect people to this website for pattern details.

Above Mandala made using 8 ply acrylic yarn and a 5mm Crochet hook – 34cm across

Above Mandala made using a mixed fiber yarn with a 3mm Crochet hook – 25cm across

Above Mandala made using 50% Micro Acrylic/50% Micro Nylon and a 4mm Crochet hook – 27cm across

This is my 3rd design, my 2nd design is still very much a work in progress and my very 1st design is yet to be released. This is also my 2nd completed written pattern. Pattern is available in my Etsy Store, just click the link

In naming this pattern, I had thought of using letters from each of my four children’s names to come up with a name for this design. After posting a sample on Instagram, one lovely Instagrammer commented that it reminded her of a Ferris Wheel! I loved that and asked her if she would mind if I used that as the name of this pattern, to which she happily agreed! So thank you so very much @hookalookacrochet for your comment! Please be sure to check out her Instagram page!

This pattern is suitable for any type of yarn or hook size, I used 3 different types of yarns and hook sizes and it turned out great with all of them. I did block my finished mandala, you can get away with not blocking it, but I feel it shows the detail in the pattern after blocking.

I ask that you if you do want to make this mandala, that it’s only for your own personal use, and not for resale or mass production, and if you share images of your finished mandala made from this pattern, please credit me as the original designer and redirect people to this website for pattern details, do not share this pattern, also, use your own images of your finished mandala, do not pull images from this pattern. Please do not edit, alter, copy, redistribute or sell this pattern or any part of it. Thankyou x

Originally, I used only one yarn throughout this pattern, it came about because we went on a drive one afternoon and instead of taking a huge amount of yarns, it was easier to take one ball, one hook, a notepad and pen, and from that, this pattern was born.

For the 3rd make, I thought I’d try using different coloured yarns and fastening off after certain rows. The pattern is written for one yarn only, but if you do decide to use more than one yarn, rejoin in either the same spot you fastened off or where you think would be most appropriate according to the pattern.

I really hope you enjoy making this pattern, it’s quick and easy and can be used for many things, depending on the type of yarn used. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or DM me on Instagram @cathyscrochet.



Cathy x

Please visit my Etsy Store for the PDF, click the link below.



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